Our Mayor and Council

The City of Woodward consists of  a Mayor and 5 Council Members and has many Committees.

Mayor and City Council, the Mayor and City Council is elected for a 4 year term, elections are held every 2 years, except to fill vacancies, with staggered terms. 

Mayor The Mayor is listed as a component of the city council, because the mayor is the presiding officer of the council in all cities.  The mayor thus plays an important procedural role at every council meeting. 
City Council members are the legislators of the City Council and have the duty to responsibly govern their city.  At council session, this duty generally includes attending meetings regularly and punctually, actively pariticipating in debate, respecting citizens and fellow council members, and following democratic procedures.  Outside of council meetings, this duty usually includes meeting with constituents, keeping informed about the city and its activities, taking advantage of training opportunities, and conducting everyday affairs in dignified and proper manner.  Council members are important public officials who represent the city both in and out of council meetings.  They must take their public responsibilites seriously and act appropriately, because they are responsible for many lives and resources.


Jim Gough


Council Member Mayor Pro-tem