Library Board

About the Board:
The Woodward Public Library Board is made up of seven community members along with the library director.  These members are all approved by the mayor and city council.  The board meets on the first Monday of each month to discuss library issues and events. 

Library Board Goals:

  1. Everyone in the community will have a central source of community information.  The library has created a web based monthly calendar that is available in print at the post office and library.  A digital information board has been installed at the Library.
  2. Everyone in the community will have resources needed to explore areas of personal interest and supports needed to creatively express themselves.  To meet the needs of ever changing technology the computers have been upgraded and this will be a continuing process.  A tablet has been installed in the teen area for their use.  Programming for adults during the past year have included photography, gift making and adult coloring to encourage ones creative expression.  Children in the after school programming are encouraged to be creative in crafts and the Lego Club.
  3. Everyone in the community will have a safe and welcoming space to meet and interact with others or to sit by quietly.  The layout of the library has been redesigned with additional lighting recently added to make the books more visible.  A centralized computer area has been created.  A cafe area with coffee and other hot drinks are available.  New furniture was donated by the family of Marie Frantum.  Teens now have their own space.  The library director and the board have evaluated and increased the hours as much as the budget will allow.  The meeting room continues to be used for library sponsored activities and by the community.   

Library Board
The Woodward Public Library is a great asset to the Woodward Community. At the library, you will find a wealth of information and individuals who are ready and willing to help you with all of your library needs.  The Woodward Public Library also publishes a monthly calendar with both library and community events included.  Please checkout the Woodward Public Library for more information.