Jobs & Volunteering

The City of Woodward relies heavily on it's Citizens to lead the community by volunteering for many things.  From Finance, Parks, Planning and Zoning, to Community Clean-up Days and the Annual Friends and Neighbors Day celebration, Volunteers are essential for the success of the community.

It is very important to take part in the community in which you live.  Your opinions are valuable and become even more so when you exibit your citizenship by volunteering to sit on one of our various committees. 

Call City Hall or visit with one of your elected officials to express your desire to be a Volunteer.

In addition to City committees our Fire and EMS are managed by an all volunteer force.  The Woodward Volunteer Fire Department was founded as a volunteer department in 1883 and has continuously provided fire prevention, suppression, and emergency medical services to the central Iowa community of Woodward. The department serves approximately 1500 residents located in approximately 42 square miles. The department has an authorized strength of 26 volunteer firefighters.

Please click the link to the Fire Department for information on becoming a Volunteer Firefighter or First Responder.